Win photo of Little Girl
Champion Rebec's "Ell Hath No Fury"
Black Tri
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Champion Shoefly's Lynchburg Lemonade
Red, Black & White Tri 
(w/o blanket)
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Win Photo of Monkey
Champion Rebec's"Wanton Witch"
Blanket Tri
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Win photo of Little Girl
Champion Rebec's "Samuel De Les Yeux Triste"
Open Tri w/ Ticking
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Win photo of Pockie
Champion Rebec's "Plain Pockets"
Dark Blanket Tri
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Tuesday1stmajor photo
Champion Rebec's "Tuesday Afternoon"
Open Tri
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Champion Vahhala Super Nova
Open Tri
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Country of Origin: France
Height: No more than 15 inches at the highest point 
of the shoulder blades.
Weight: 44 - 72lb
Coat: Any pattern with Black, Brown & White or Black, Tan & White.
Patterns: Blanket, Broken Blanket, Open
  • Blanket - any color that is solid over entire back. (No trace of white)
  • Broken blanket - solid color on back with white slashes, or the blanket
    is broken in anyway only slightly.
  • Open - Predominant color is white. (*Includes "White Blanket"). 

    *Body is completely White. Color may appear on head & tail.
Registry: AKC
Group: Hound

Click Here to view the American Kennel Clubs "Breed Standard"

The American Kennel Club.