Description: A calm pet that enjoys and needs human companionship. Relative to its size, it’s the heaviest boned dog of any breed. Its deep, rolling bark can be amusing. This is a serene and well-behaved dog, but if it’s spoiled it can become stubborn. Its gentleness makes it great with children.

General Information

Minimum Living Space: House With Large or Unlimited Space. Gated Yard Preferred with Shade.

Hypoallergenic: No

Average Food Cost: $40 Monthly

Indoor Energy Level: Low -From One End Of Couch To Other

Outdoor Exercise Time: 20 minutes/day minimum

Trainability: Somewhat Selectively Stubborn

Protectiveness: Moderately Protective

Dominance/Submissiveness: Balanced


Average Life Expectancy: 12 years


Dog Group: Hound Group

Country of Origin: France

Natural Instincts: Hunting by Scent, Pet or Companion


Size: Medium

Average Minimum Height: 13 inches

Average Maximum Height: 15 inches

Average Minimum Weight: 40 pounds

Average Maximum Weight: 60 pounds

Coat Color: All Colors

Coat Types: Short

Shedding: Sheds A Lot

Grooming Frequency: 2 times/wk

Trimming: None

Ear Shape: Long

Nails: Trimmed Monthly